Energy saving tips

18 January 2021

It’s Big Energy Savings week (18th - 24th January) and we’re doing our bit to highlight the actions you can take at home to save on your energy bills. 

1. Swap your traditional lightbulbs for LED ones. LED bulbs light your home without the same level of power as traditional ones. And, luckily for UW customers who take all our services, we supply them with LED bulbs for free. Just another way UW helps our customers save. 

2. Ever cooked with a big pan on the smallest hob? Well, that’s a sure-fire way to use more energy than you need. Make sure your pots and pans fit your hobs, so that you’re cooking things more efficiently and saving power in the process. 

3. Your heating doesn’t need to be on 24/7 to effectively heat your home. Putting your heating on a timer, so that it kicks in at key moments, will keep your house warm and your energy bills lower. 

4. Get smart with a smart meter. Smart meters show, in simple and clear terms, how much energy you’re using at any given time. They can help you identify what might be using too much power so you can make real time adjustments. UW offers smart meters to all its customers - just head over to this link for more information. 

5. You may think the draft you can sometimes feel from your window is harmless, but as well as cold air getting in, warm air is seeping out. Sealing up any leaks in your windows will help you cut as much as 20% off your energy bills. 

6. Sat in the lounge? Turn off the kitchen lights. Hit the off switch as you leave the room and you can save yourself up to £90 a year. 

7. Ever wondered if you’d notice your thermostat being lowered by a single degree? You may not notice, but your pocket might. You can save up to £80 a year by simply lowering the temperature by a degree. 

8. Can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen. Or, if the heating’s on and you’re cooking, turn the heating off. Cooking in front of a hot oven will generate its own heat, meaning there is no need for your central heating to be on as well. 

9. Taking up a green tariff will mean that you know your energy is better for the environment. Our green tariff is the cheapest on the market and we guarantee that for each unit of electricity used by our customers, an equal amount from a renewable source is put back into the grid. 

10. And finally, unplug unused energy appliances. We are home a lot more now, meaning we use more energy than before, when we were out at the office or elsewhere. You should know what appliances you aren’t using so why not unplug them and switch them off, cutting down the power you use.