Utility Warehouse launches new Fixed 6 energy tariff

New great value fixed tariff available to even more UK households

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11 September 2023 - Utility Warehouse (UW) today launched a new fixed rate tariff offering customers the opportunity to fix their energy bills for the next 12 months when they take energy and just one other market-leading service.

UW’s Fixed 6 tariff - our two service fixed tariff - enables customers to freeze their energy costs at £1,973 until October 2024.

To sign up, customers need to take energy and switch just one of their existing mobile, broadband or insurance services - making UW’s great value fixed tariff accessible to even more customers across the UK.

Customers can make even bigger savings with UW’s new Fixed Saver 6 tariff - our three service fixed tariff - which enables customers to fix their energy at £1,873 until October 2024. 

To apply, customers need to take energy and switch at least two of their existing mobile, broadband or insurance services.

New customers who sign up via a UW Partner to a UW bundle are also eligible for a further £50 saving on their UW utility bill. 

Both rates represent the cheapest open market energy tariffs in the UK. 

Stuart Burnett, Co-CEO of Utility Warehouse, said: “As many households continue to feel cost-of-living pressures, we've launched two new fixed tariffs to give consumers peace of mind on their energy bills for the next 12 months. With the price cap predicted to rise again in January next year, our new tariffs mean that consumers can fix their energy prices until October 2024 at the lowest prices currently available in the market.”

UW customer numbers recently broke through the 900,000 mark and the business is on track to welcome an extra million customers over the medium term - reflecting its strong, long-term competitive position.

The fixed tariff is available from 9am on September 11th. To sign up visit www.uw.co.uk for more information.

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