Ways to save
with UW

Save a little more during the cost of living energy crisis

We know that many UK families are facing some serious challenges. Bills keep going up due to increasing wholesale energy costs and on top of that, the cost of living is also rising.

You’re in good hands with UW. Over the past year we’ve supplied our customers with the UK’s cheapest variable energy tariff. We're even cheaper than the Government's Energy Price Guarantee, saving you up to £50*.

Plus, there are a few other ways we can help families save a little more each month. We’ve listed some of them below.

The legal bit

*Cheapest energy when you take Energy and one other Eligible service vs standard variable tariffs. Based on Ofgem’s typical domestic usage. Payment by direct debit. Eligible services means broadband, mobile, insurance (insurance means Boiler & Home Cover, Income Protector and Home Insurance only). For sale nationally, excl. existing customer tariffs and intro offers. Correct: 23/02/23. Contact us to verify.

£50 discount applies to customers switching energy plus 2 or 3 other services (broadband, mobile, and/or insurance. Bill Protector excluded). Lower discounts applied to customers taking energy, or energy plus 1 other service. Variable energy tariff only. Paying by Direct Debit. Terms apply.

Get a UW Cashback Card – on average an active user earns £170 in cashback per year**

With the cost of living on the rise, our Cashback Card can help UW customers earn cashback on everyday purchases, offsetting some of their energy costs. Our prepaid debit card offers customers up to 10% cashback on purchases at participating retail partners such as Sainsburys, Argos and B&Q. For customers with at least one eligible service, they also qualify for 1%*** cashback everywhere they spend. 

On average UW customers earn £170 per year** in cashback but many earn even more. It’s simple to use, works just like your debit card but with the added benefit of money back on your utility bills each month.

Simple tips to use less energy

Many people could make small changes to help them save energy and therefore money each month. We’ve pulled together a few simple tips to help you make savings.

You’ll also find out how to contact independent organisations that can give you impartial advice on being more energy-efficient.

Take control with a free smart meter upgrade

Your energy use won't change just because you’ve got a smart meter. But a smart meter does make it easier to track how much energy you use, and how much it costs you. So you can take steps to use less and save money. 

At UW, we offer free smart meter upgrades.

Bundle our services for discounts

We're the UK’s only genuine multiservice provider and offer extra discounts when a customer takes multiple services. That’s because we’re able to spread our costs. For example, we’ve just got one call centre for all our services, which is based in the UK.

Even if you prefer to keep some of your services with other providers, you can still save money with us. Firstly, by comparing our prices for services like mobile and broadband to your current supplier's rates, you could be in for significant savings every year thanks to our competitive prices. Secondly, you can access our multi-service discounts, such as the cheapest energy tariff, or 10% off landline phone and broadband.

To take advantage of these savings and add additional services to your plan, please login to your account by clicking 'My account' button on the top right hand side anytime you're on our website. Alternatively, you can call our Sales Team at 0333 777 3236 or visit our services page.

Set up a Direct Debit and pay less

If you have a credit meter and don’t pay by Direct Debit already, you’re not on our cheapest energy prices. Plus you’re missing out on the other benefits of a Direct Debit, such as automated payments and protection by the Direct Debit guarantee. Best of all, it’s really quick and easy to set one up.

Refer a friend

Every time you recommend us to a friend, they get money off their bill and we'll give you a £50 referral bonus, which will come off your bill. The more you share, the more you get. Your friend will also get a £50 referral bonus - it's a win-winᐩ.

The legal bit

** Calculated using the average cashback of £85.21 earned between 01/08/2022 and 31/01/2023 by active account holders (those who used their card at least once a week during the same period) which has been annualised to give an average yearly cashback earned figure of £170.41. Fees and terms apply. 

***You can earn unlimited cashback from our participating retailers each month. Purchases from other retailers are eligible for cashback of 1% on spends of up to £1,500 per month, depending on number of live eligible services. Only customers not engaged in debt collection proceedings with UW – and with at least one of the following services active at the time of billing: landline, broadband, gas and electricity – are eligible to receive the 1% cashback. See Terms & Conditions for more details. 

ᐩSee our Terms and Conditions for eligibility criteria