Our teams

Our core functions are the five teams that form the foundation of UW, helping to drive and steer the business towards our ambitious growth goals.


These are the people who run our fabulous HQ in London. 

From our outstanding canteen and roof terrace, to the state-of-the-art film studio and great collaborative office spaces – they’ve created an incredible environment that empowers our people to be at their best.

Legal and Compliance

Legal make sure we’re aligned with all relevant laws and regulations, giving sound legal guidance to our people whenever and wherever it is needed.

These folks have a knack for making even the most convoluted bit of small print seem simple and interesting.


The Finance team bring balance to the company.  

They make sure our ambitious goals are underpinned by a solid strategy so that we can keep on innovating in a way that’s sustainable for the business.


The Marketing team are the loudspeakers of the company. They work with teams across the business to ensure that all their amazing work is celebrated by Partners and customers alike.


Bringing our values and culture to life is no mean feat. The People team are here to enable a seamless and engaging employee experience for everyone at UW.

They drive a culture of belonging at UW so everyone feels welcome and enabled to be at their best.

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