Home services powered by word of mouth

At UW, we stop people having to think about the cost and hassle of running their home.

We offer our customers a simpler way to save on their household bills. One provider, one team to talk to and one great value, monthly bill.

When we do that well, we get talked about. And that's the power of our business - personal recommendations that can earn people a real income.

Personal recommendation through UW Partners

Happy customers talk about products they've bought or experiences they've had. Many of our customers also choose to become UW Partners and recommend us to their friends, families and people they know.

There are currently over 65,000 people from all walks of life - nurses, teachers, students, retirees - who've all joined to earn an additional income as a UW Partner.

And while our Partners get paid for introducing people to UW, they earn much more than an income.

Benefits of word of mouth

For UW

We bundle together essential home services - energy, broadband, mobile and insurance. In markets which are all very samey, our multiservice offering is something genuinely different.

Conventional advertising isn’t effective at acquiring individual customers who take multiple services - it’s too complicated and there are too many steps. Multiservice customers only come from word of mouth through a trusted recommendation.

Rather than just differentiation, this approach also creates a real cost advantage - our multiservice offer combined with word of mouth recommendations mean we keep our operating costs down while putting money into our Partners’ pockets every time they help a customer save.

That’s why we have over 1 million customers taking over 3 million services all over the UK.

For UW Partners

Our Partners explain who UW is, and show people how bundling can help them save time and money.

They get paid for introducing those people to UW - up to £250 for every multiservice homeowner who signs up.

They can also build their own team of Partners and earn an ongoing residual income in the process.

But UW Partners earn more than an income. They also get to build something for themselves, whether that’s a business, a reliable second income, a side-hustle or simply a means to an end. What’s more, no prior industry or sales experience is needed, as all training and support are provided by UW.

For the UK economy 

Everyone deserves the chance to create a better future for themselves, and we’re committed to expanding the UW Partner opportunity to help more people earn.

Our word of mouth model provides opportunity and flexibility for people from all walks of life, all over the UK.

We’ve recently commissioned a landmark report which examines the impact that second incomes have on the British economy. The report looks at a wide range of income opportunities - from people selling on eBay to renting out property - as well as earning as a UW Partner.

The report also examines people’s motivations for seeking out a second income, the stigma that some feel comes from having multiple incomes and where the trend is heading. We’ll be publishing this in May.

Getting up and running as a UW Partner

Meet Jamie

“I've gone from rock bottom to having my own place and building something special.

Life can throw many curveballs at us, and make it hard to make ends meet. A flexible income with UW can not only help you get back on track, but also build the life you've always dreamed of.

Jamie always wanted his own business but was a long way from it after hitting hard times.  See how he’s achieving his dreams with UW.

Click here to watch other UW Partners’ personal stories.

Building from a hard place

What a UW Partner could earn

While being a UW Partner is rewarding and flexible, it takes energy and commitment to get going and set yourself up for success over the long term. As with many things in life, you get out what you put in. For example, UW Partners who were active in December 2022, January 2023 or February 2023 - meaning they signed up a new customer and/or a new team member in one of those months - earned an average of £460, £495 and £510 respectively in the following month.

The legal bit

It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join a scheme. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

Ben Fogle - Adventurer, brand ambassador and UW customer

"All sorts of people can make UW work for them"

Different ways a UW Partner can earn

differentwaytsapartnercanearn wesbite module7 upfrontincome

differentwaytsapartnercanearn wesbite module7 upfrontincome

1. Upfront income

Commission paid for signing people up as UW customers, as well as bonuses for achieving certain stretch targets.

differentwaytsapartnercanearn wesbite module7 risidualincome

differentwaytsapartnercanearn wesbite module7 risidualincome

2. Residual income

An incremental percentage of your customers’ bills - and those customers your team has signed up - paid monthly for as long as they stay with UW.

differentwaytsapartnercanearn wesbite module7 rewards

differentwaytsapartnercanearn wesbite module7 rewards

3. Rewards

A variety of rewards and incentives, ranging from chocolates and champagne, to meals out, weekends away and holidays in the UK and abroad.

differentwaytsapartnercanearn wesbite module7 community support

differentwaytsapartnercanearn wesbite module7 community support

4. Support

Training and tools, as well as mentoring and personal development, plus events for the wider UW Partner community.

Progression as a UW Partner

As well as earning our Partners are also recognised for growing a team and get promoted as they progress. Similar to team structures in other organisations, UW Partners can earn more with each promotion.

A potential path to Team Leader

When a UW Partner keeps signing up new customers who take multiple services - in this case, three or more - here’s how they could progress and how much they could earn.

In a nutshell

Our Partners get paid for introducing people to UW. But they don’t just help friends, family and neighbours save on their household bills. They also get to build something for themselves, whether that’s a business, a side-hustle or simply a means to an end. We help Partners get on in life and achieve what matters to them, whatever that may be.