Get paid for referring friends and family to UW

Become a UW Partner and earn by referring people so they can save on their household bills.

What UW Partners do



UW Partners earn an income by referring friends, family and local contacts to UW who sign up to one or more of UW’s services.

They also help people like you to become a UW Partner, and start earning an income.

How to start earning



Get in touch with a Partner near you

Find a Partner near you who can give you more information on how to sign up as a Partner.



Refer UW to friends and family

Let people know that we are here to help people stop wasting time and money.



Earn for each new customer you refer

Get paid every time someone you refer switches their services to UW.

The Legal Bit

Partners can earn up to £250 for referring an eligible customer who then signs up to at least three core services. Terms and exclusions apply.

How you’re supported from day 1

Find a UW Partner near you who’ll give you more information. And UW will provide you with training and all the support you need.

Your questions answered

Who are UW?

We’re the UK’s only genuine multiservice provider. We help people save time and money on their household bills by bundling their utilities into one. We’re currently trusted by more than 1 million customers and over 65,000 Partners.

What’s a UW Partner?

UW Partners are people just like you, who earn by referring others to UW who then sign up as customers.


They also help others to become a UW Partner so they can refer their friends and family.

How do I become a UW Partner?

You can find and contact your nearest Partner by entering your postcode here, and they’ll get back to you very quickly.

What support do I get?

UW will provide you with all the training and support you need. What’s more you’ll be part of an active and supportive community.

What could I earn as a UW Partner?

You can earn up to £250 in upfront commission for every eligible customer you refer who then takes three or more core services with UW. 


As well as upfront commission, you can also get paid a residual income, for customers you refer. And if you choose to support other Partners, you could earn residual income for customers that they refer as well.


Terms and exclusions apply. Get in touch with a local Partner to find out more.

How much does it cost?

There’s a £10 joining fee to cover the cost of setting up your account and your new Partner training. And from your fourth month,  there’s a £3 monthly fee to cover ongoing training, tools and support.