Like flicking a switch

For our users, UW just needs to work. There when you need it, and invisible when you don’t – just like flicking a switch.

Our tech team excels at making the complex business of bundling home services appear simple. Using our 20 years of industry experience, we’re building the foundations to propel the business to the next level.

Who works in tech?

With people hailing from all over the globe and from all walks of life, we’re a unique bunch. What we do share is a commitment to creating an environment that feels safe and also gives you that ‘let’s do it!’ buzz when you walk into the office.

Product and Design

UW is all about making life simple. And that starts with the product we offer – it needs to feel intuitive and offer the best possible user experience. 

We’ve spent the last few years updating a legacy system. The foundations are now in place and the fun part can begin – designing and delivering a state of the art product that’s up there with the best. 

To achieve this we have a squad of agile teams, working independently to build our UX and customer research capability, improve our analytics and insights, and establish improved ways-of-working.


The business processes a vast amount of valuable data across many domains. Thanks to AI and machine learning, our teams use this data to inform decisions that impact teams across the entire company – from user research to modelling and forecasting.


We use the best tool for the job, our teams take responsibility for technology choices. We value decoupling and avoid vendor lock-in at every opportunity. Our systems are eventually consistent, event sourced, designed after our business domain and deployed in a distributed, micro architecture.

We use go with a typescript rolled react/graphql duo; we like experimenting. We’re into cloudnative and kubernetes, if it Dockerizes it fits, some examples include: cockroachdb, tikv, pql, mongo for storage; kafka, nats for brokers; thanos, grafana, graylog for instrumentation; kustomize, kube-applier, traefik for deployment and operations.

BTG Operations

The Business Technology Operations team makes sure that the underlying infrastructure of the company is reliable, stable and has the capacity to scale based on the changing needs of the business.

The team is small but highly multifunctional. There is nothing that is "not our job" and there is no tech "we don't know" –  we just haven't looked it up yet.

We strongly believe in infrastructure as code and value correctness, simplicity and performance.

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