Our green initiatives

Our environmental initiatives make it easy for our customers to do their bit for the planet.

A shared belief

When we set out to find our new brand ambassador, it was essential our ambitions and principles aligned. A passion for the environment, sustainable energy, and an altruistic sense of fairness.

Ben Fogle is the embodiment of these shared beliefs.

Standing up for the natural world

The UW Woodland isn’t just about carbon capture - it’s a community based project focussed on enhancing biodiversity. And through our partnership with The Wildlife Trusts we can extend that positive impact to nature much more widely - making local areas wilder.

We install free smart meters

Smart meters can help customers to control their energy usage so they use less. It's a small part of leading the UK to a cleaner and more efficient energy system.

Thousands of new branches

We plant a tree for every new customer who takes all of our services.

That’s over 174,000 trees in the UW Woodland, or an area the size of 73 Wembley Pitches.

Find out why it matters by clicking the button below.

Planting the first tree

The legal bit

*Source: Forest Carbon

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