Switch & Save bonus

Last updated January 2021


Switch & Save Bonus: £100 credit added to your bill (or in the case of pre-payment meter customers as a credit voucher or as an automatic top up on your Smart Meter) as a discount to your Energy services. £50 shall be credited to your bill 12 months after your Joining Date and £50 shall be credited to your bill when you have a Smart Meter installed.

Smart Meter: a SMETS2 Smart Meter

Qualifying Energy Services: (i) an Electricity and Gas Service or (ii) an Electricity Service

Qualifying Member: defined in (2) below “Qualifying customers”

Qualifying Period: 1 January 2021 to 31 January 2021 inclusive

1. Switch & Save Bonus Payment
Utility Warehouse shall pay a Qualifying customer who takes a Qualifying Energy Service a Switch & Save Bonus payment.

2. Qualifying customers
To qualify for the Switch & Save Bonus a customer must:

(a) join Utility Warehouse as a new customer between 1st - 31st January inclusive; 

(b) join Utility Warehouse via a Partner on Join the Club (not via the Utility Warehouse self service website or Sales Team, Home Movers team or Business Club);

(c) take a Qualifying Energy Service (on our Value Tariff or as part of one our Bundles) at the time of joining (not later, even if you subsequently take an Energy Service);

(d) have been supplied a Qualifying Energy Service by Utility Warehouse for 12 consecutive months;

(e) continue to be supplied a Qualifying Energy Service at the date the Switch and Save Bonus is due to be paid; and

(f) have a free Smart Meter installed by Utility Warehouse within 12 months. If no Smart Meter is installed, the customer will qualify for the £50 Switch & Save Bonus payment only.

A customer will not be eligible for a Switch & Save Bonus if: 

1. They are an existing customer of Utility Warehouse. 

2. They have been a customer of Utility Warehouse within the previous 12 months. 

3. Their account is in arrears at the date the Switch and Save Payment is due to be paid.

We reserve the right to modify, amend or remove the Switch & Save Bonus, in its entirety, at any time.