Utility Warehouse Partners get their Feet on the Street

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, Utility Warehouse Partners are getting their Feet on the Street with a number of initiatives

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28 May 2021 - The Bank Holiday is upon us and Britons across the country are excited to take advantage of the long weekend with the prospect of getting back out into pubs, restaurants, and shops.

And across the Utility Warehouse Partner world, it’s a perfect time to get back out there to meet and greet new and old prospects. That’s why we’re dubbing this weekend Feet on the Street. We’re encouraging our Partners to get back out there with some exciting initiatives.

£20K Giveaway

Firstly, we are helping Partners out with a brilliant offer to get them out doing £20K Giveaways once again. Formerly known as Win A Mini events, we listened to feedback from our Partners and adapted them to become £20K Giveaway events. They were, and will continue to be, a really important part of the Partner tool kit. After all, who doesn't want to win £20K?

And over the bank holiday weekend, UW will be helping Partners with 50% off selected stands at events up and down the UK. We know that as lockdown eases, Partners may have more expenses than they did previously and this discount is our way of helping you get back out there. 

The Big Purple Clean Up

Utility Warehouse Partners are true community heroes. Whether it’s supporting local fayres and fetes by running their £20K Giveaway stands, or helping run their own events in their local communities, they take real pride in their local areas. And that’s never been more evident than in recent weeks. 

Inspired by the scenes of litter strewn across parks and beaches as people started to emerge from their lockdowns, one UW Partner started running community litter picking with her team. And from there, the wider Partner network was inspired. Up and down the UK, equipped with their distinctive purple refuse sacks, they’ve been helping keep their local neighbourhood free of litter. And the bank holiday is set to be the biggest litter pick yet! 

We provided our Partners with free, biodegradable sacks that they can use when out and about and we’ve already seen hundreds of Partners taking part. 

Neighbour Letters

One of the best ways of getting out there and working on your Utility Warehouse business is using Neighbour Letters. These letters allow Partners an opportunity to introduce themselves to their immediate neighbours, leaving a letter on their doorstep that showcases what they do and what they can offer them. 

Partners then return a few days later to follow up with their neighbours to book an appointment, setting up an appointment to understand how they can benefit from signing up with UW. 

These letters are a staple of the UW experience. Partners can download them from the Partner Portal and personalise with their details before getting out into their neighbouring streets to post them. And for this weekend, we’ve uploaded a new letter so Partners can shout about the brilliant new broadband offer we have for customers.

The Bank Holiday weekend gives our Partners a great opportunity to get their Feet on the Street and we’re delighted to be able to support our Partners with this. We’re excited to see the results and we’re excited to see how Team Purple lights up the streets of the UK. 

Want to know more about becoming a Utility Warehouse Partner? Head over to our Partner section for more information. For existing Partners who want to know more about FOTS, go here.

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