Our broadband service offers high speeds, free wireless routers, free connection, unlimited data, and free calls to other UW customers.

Super fast

With our broadband services, you'll always get the fastest possible speed available to you.

Simple set-up

We offer a free wireless router, free connection, and assistance from our UK-based team.

Free calls

Enjoy unlimited free landline and mobile calls to other UW customers, all day, every day.

More ways to save

Get as much as £200 towards the costs of switching all your services from your old provider to UW.*

Enjoy as much as 7% cashback at top retailers with our exclusive UW cashback card.**

The legal bit

*£200 to help you switch

The maximum credit of £200 is only available to customers who take out home phone, broadband and at least one mobile service which is live on their account on the date their claim is submitted and for 12 months after the credit is applied.

Please see our terms and conditions for further information and eligibility criteria.

**Cashback card
You can earn unlimited CashBack from our Retail Partners each month. Purchases from other retailers are eligible for CashBack on general spend of up to £1,000 per month. 1% CashBack at non-partner retailers is available for Visa issued cards only; the minimum of £120 CashBack each year assumes a monthly spend of at least £1,000 using the CashBack card for eligible transactions, guided by the average UK household spend recorded in the Office of National Statistics data for 2017. “The UK’s Best” claim is supported by a direct comparison with other CashBack cards on the market; for more detail see our website. Exclusions apply. Calculated based on Office of National Statistics data for 2017 average UK household spending, excluding housing and mortgage costs, with £650 monthly spend earning 3%-7% CashBack at qualifying UW Retail Partners and £1,000 monthly spend earning 1% Cashback at other retailers.

Full T&Cs are on our website.

Latest Broadband news

Latest news icon broadband 01

Latest news icon broadband 01

UW launches Fibre To The Premises (FTTP)

8 March 2021 - The future of broadband is here. Utility Warehouse is proud to offer Full Fibre to the Premises for our customers.

Latest new icon broadband 02

Latest new icon broadband 02

Setting up my router

12 February 2021 - Need help setting up your UW router? Whatever your router, we can help.

Latest news icon bundles

Latest news icon bundles

A breakdown of the packages we offer

1 February 2021 - UW offers customers a range of broadband packages to suit a range of needs.


How do I switch my broadband?

Switching couldn't be easier. We'll handle the entire process and it only takes about 14 days. You'll keep your existing telephone number too. And if you don’t have a telephone line we can install one for you. To start your switch click here.

Do I have to tell my current provider I'm leaving?

No, leave this with us and we'll let them know you're switching. However, if you're currently a Virgin customer, you will need to call them after your line is working with us and ask them to cancel the service. To start your switch click here.

What can affect my broadband speed?

The speed available on your line can be affected by:

  • How far your property is from the telephone exchange or street cabinet. 

  • The quality of your telephone line and internal wiring.

The actual speed you receive can be affected by:

  • The processing power of your PC / devices.

  • How many people are sharing your broadband connection.

  • Whether you use a wireless or cable connection between your router and PC, laptop or other connected devices.

  • If using a wireless connection; where you keep your router.

  • The speed of websites that you visit.

  • If you connect at peak times, such as evenings, weekends or major sporting events.

  • Network capacity.

Can I use my own router?

Yes, you can. But you'll need to make sure your router isn't locked by your previous provider. When you sign up to us, we'll send you your username and password, so you connect your own router.

With our superfast fibre-optic Ultra Broadband options, your router needs to be Very High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) compatible. If it's not, it won't work with our broadband service.

If you need a router, we can send you one too. To start your switch click here.