Connect every corner of your home

Enjoy superfast speeds, reliable connectivity and a strong signal in every room.

We’ve got broadband for everyone

Whether you’re an occasional video chatter or serial movie streamer, we’ve got a connection that suits you best, at the fastest possible speeds available to your home.

What’s the best broadband for my home?

Hit ‘Join UW’ and follow the steps to see which plans are available in your home.

Neighbourhood not fibre-ready yet? Don’t worry – we still offer standard broadband, too.

Say goodbye to frustrating Wi-Fi dead zones


All our broadband packages now come with our UW Wi-Fi Hub free of charge – perfect for supporting a high-speed internet connection.

And thanks to our partnership with Amazon, you can also add their latest eero devices for an additional fee to boost the range of your Wi-Fi.

How fibre broadband future-proofs your home


While standard broadband is fully delivered via slower, fault-prone copper wires, fibre uses fibre optic cables to deliver broadband at practically the speed of light. Making it perfect for keeping up with the tech in your home.

What is Full Fibre broadband?


Full Fibre is the very latest in broadband technology, which uses fibre cables both from the supply to the green cabinets on your street, and from the cabinets to your home. More and more homes across the UK are becoming Full Fibre-ready every day.

Why choose UW for broadband?

Broadband unlimited data circle icon

Broadband unlimited data circle icon

Unlimited data

Broadband free connection circle

Broadband free connection circle

Whole Home Wi-Fi upgrade option

Broadband wireless routers circle

Broadband wireless routers circle

Free UW
Wi-Fi Hub

Broadband uw call circle

Broadband uw call circle

Free calls to other UW customers

Broadband customer service circle

Broadband customer service circle

UK-based customer service

And with over 300,000 customers trusting us as their broadband provider, you’ll be in good company.

By bundling all your home services with us, we can provide everything you need in one simple bill. Plus we guarantee that Everybody Saves when they switch their energy, broadband and mobile to us.

Find out more and see terms

Everybody Saves with UW

We guarantee you’ll save time and money when you switch your home services to UW

Our Peace of Mind Promise

When you switch all your home services to UW you can get:

A guarantee you'll pay less with us than with your current suppliers

£200 towards any early termination fees with existing suppliers

30 days to change your mind, and switch away without penalty

The legal bit

One of the best unlimited data deals in the UK and UKs best unlimited data SIMs: 

Based on price, speed and reliability. Price: One of the UK's cheapest unlimited SIMs on a monthly contract and cheapest unlimited multi-SIM package in the UK (excluding introductory offers). Prices correct as of 06.09.2021. Ask us for more details Speed & reliability: We use the EE network. RootMetrics Report 2020 found EE led the way for speed & outstanding reliability. Experiences & coverage may vary. Rootmetrics award is not an endorsement of EE or UW. Visit ROOTMETRICS.CO.UK for more details.


Whole Home WiFi with eero devices

Mesh WiFi to extend signal reach for larger homes. £2.50 per eero, per month (plus postage and packaging). Number of eero devices required depends on the size of your property. eero devices can only be taken where you take our broadband service and at least one other service. eero devices are rented to you and must be returned undamaged at the end of the contract. eero devices are locked to the UW network. Terms & conditions apply.


10% off Phone and Broadband

Switch your mobile to us as well, and we’ll give you an extra 10% discount on the cost of your broadband and line rental that could save you over £40 a year! Additional requirements apply to customers who are tenants. Terms & conditions apply.


£200 to help you switch

When you switch your Home Phone, Broadband and Mobile to us, we'll give you up to £200 towards any termination fees you have to pay to your current providers. Additional requirements apply to customers who are tenants. Terms & conditions apply.


30 days to change your mind

If you’re new to UW and sign up as a Double Gold customer you can cancel any of the following services within 30 days - Home Phone, Broadband, ‘SIM only’ connections, Electricity, Gas and Boiler and Home Cover. You just need to pay for any installation costs and costs you have incurred by using these services. You must also return any equipment we have supplied to enable you to use these services (complete, undamaged and in its original packaging). Terms & conditions apply.


Everybody Saves with UW

Switch your energy, broadband and mobile SIM to UW and if you don't save just by switching, simply send in your previous suppliers’ bills and any price increase notifications. We’ll look at what you were paying and based on this we’ll estimate your usage and spend over the next 12 months. If you're eligible, we’ll apply credits to your monthly bills to make sure you save in your first year. Plus, you'll save time with all your services in one simple bill.

The amount you pay for your services, particularly energy, will depend on your usage. As our savings and credits are based on estimates, if your usage, energy consumption or pattern changes you may pay more than you did with your previous suppliers.

New customers only. Excludes: add ons - int’l. calls, roaming, features, out of bundle usage - equipment and non unlimited multi SIMs/bundles. Eligibility criteria apply - if you’re not eligible, you won’t receive credits and you’ll be charged our standard prices. Valid for the first 12 months only. T&Cs apply.

Our guarantee applies to all competitors based in the UK selling comparable services.

Find out more at and see terms at

Switching your broadband to UW is simple

icon card people

icon card people

Already a UW customer?

Just give us a call 0333 777 0777 - we’ll get you sorted.

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New to UW?

Join us and get connected in a few clicks.

Latest Broadband news

Latest news icon broadband 01

Latest news icon broadband 01

UW new high speed broadband offer

11 June 2021 - Spending more time working from home has shown just how important that little router in the corner of the room is.

Latest news icon product launch

Latest news icon product launch

UW launches Fibre To The Premises (FTTP)

8 March 2021 - The future of broadband is here. Utility Warehouse is proud to offer Full Fibre to the Premises for our customers.

Latest new icon broadband 02

Latest new icon broadband 02

Setting up my router

12 February 2021 - Need help setting up your UW router? Whatever your router, we can help.


How do I switch my broadband?

Switching couldn't be easier. We'll handle the entire process and it only takes about 14 days. You'll keep your existing telephone number, and if you don’t have a telephone line we can install one for you. Start your switch today.

Do I have to tell my current provider I’m leaving?

No, leave this with us and we'll let them know you're switching. However, if you're currently a Virgin customer, you will need to call them after your line is working with us and ask them to cancel the service. Start your switch today.

What can affect my broadband speed?

The speed available on your line can be affected by:

  • How far your property is from the telephone exchange or street cabinet.

  • The quality of your telephone line and internal wiring.


The actual speed you receive can be affected by:

  • The processing power of your PC / devices.

  • How many people are sharing your broadband connection.

  • Whether you use a wireless or cable connection between your router and PC, laptop or other connected devices.

  • If using a wireless connection; where you keep your router.

  • The speed of websites that you visit.

  • If you connect at peak times, such as evenings, weekends or major sporting events.

  • Network capacity.

Can I use my own router?

Yes, you can. But you'll need to make sure your router isn't locked by your previous provider. When you sign up to us, we'll send you your username and password, so you connect your own router.

With our superfast fibre-optic Ultra Broadband options, your router needs to be Very High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) compatible. If it's not, it won't work with our broadband service.

If you need a router, we can send you one too. Start your switch today.

Where can I find tariff information?

Information on our tariffs and charges can be found on our website.

How do I setup my premium router with eero?

Simply follow the five steps here.

How can I stay safe online?

For some simple tips to help you stay safe and secure when you're using websites and apps, plus how to detect an SMS scam, head here.