How our pricing compares

Get our best value when you switch all your home services

Every customer who signs up to UW gets a single monthly bill for all their home services, one login to manage their account and one number if ever there's a need to call us. But they also get great value - with Everybody Saves, we guarantee it.

Our savings guarantee

We currently guarantee that Everybody Saves with UW which means you'll pay less with us than with your current suppliers when you switch your energy, broadband and mobile to us. Plus the first time you top up a money-saving UW cashback card, we'll also give you £50 credit to spend on whatever you like. See more information and terms at

Our standalone energy tariff is also great value

Our fixed energy tariff gives peace of mind over the long term

Everybody Saves with UW

We guarantee you’ll save time and money when you switch your home services to UW

Our Peace of Mind Promise

When you switch all your home services to UW you can get:

A guarantee you'll pay less with us than with your current suppliers

£200 towards any early termination fees with existing suppliers

30 days to change your mind, and switch away without penalty

The legal bit

£200 to help you switch

When you switch your Home Phone, Broadband and Mobile to us, we'll give you up to £200 towards any termination fees you have to pay to your current providers. Additional requirements apply to customers who are tenants. Terms & conditions apply.


30 days to change your mind

If you’re new to UW and sign up as a Double Gold customer you can cancel any of the following services within 30 days - Home Phone, Broadband, ‘SIM only’ connections, Electricity, Gas and Boiler and Home Cover. You just need to pay for any installation costs and costs you have incurred by using these services. You must also return any equipment we have supplied to enable you to use these services (complete, undamaged and in its original packaging). Terms & conditions apply.


Everybody Saves with UW

With our Everybody Saves guarantee we promise we won’t be beaten on price, compared to the estimated combined annual price of your previous suppliers. Our guarantee applies to all competitors based in the UK selling comparable services. 

Switch your energy, broadband and mobile SIM to UW and if you don't save just by switching, simply send in your previous suppliers’ bills. We’ll look at what you were paying and based on this we’ll estimate your usage and spend over the next 12 months and apply credits to your monthly bills to make sure you save in your first year. Plus, you'll save time with all your services in one simple bill.

The amount you pay for your services, particularly energy, will depend on your usage. As our savings are based on estimates, if your usage, energy consumption or pattern changes you may pay more than you did with your previous suppliers.

New customers only. T&Cs apply.