The truth about smart meters

Helping you understand the facts

You may have heard a few bad news stories about smart meters. 

To help you decide for yourself, we shed some light on false rumours.

Can I switch energy suppliers?

Smart meters don’t stop you switching your energy supplier. They never have.

In the past, you might have lost smart features, but this is no longer a problem with the second generation (SMETS2) meters we install.

Is my data safe?

Smart meters can’t ‘spy’, listen, or store any personal information, other than data about the energy you use.

We follow strict guidelines that apply to all energy suppliers. Find out more about how we protect your privacy.

Are smart meters a risk to my health?

Smart meters exceed every UK and EU safety standard. In fact, the radio waves sent from smart meters are much lower than from your mobile phone.

You can find out more at Smart Energy GB.

Do smart meters need internet access?

They send us your meter readings using a dedicated, secure wireless network – not the internet. So it won’t have any affect on your personal Wi-Fi.

I’m renting – can I get a smart meter?

If you pay your energy bills directly, you don't need your landlord’s permission to upgrade your meter.

We suggest you let them know, though. Find out more from the energy regulator Ofgem.

Do smart meters really save me money?

It depends on you…

Your energy use won't change just because you’ve got a smart meter.

But a smart meter does make it easy to track how much energy you use, so you can take steps to save money.

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