Shrink your utility bill by going shopping

Yes, you read that right. For every pound you spend with our Cashback Card, you can earn as much as 10% cashback which comes directly off your UW bill. So you really can save while you spend.

Cashback Card

With over 300,000 Cashback Cards across our UW customers’ purses, wallets and pockets, the savings are mounting up.

It’s simple. You save when UW bundles your home services and insurance onto one, simple bill. Then, the money you earn while spending with your Cashback Card comes directly off your monthly total. Essentially meaning you can save twice with UW.

Saving made simple


Top up your card in seconds through the UW app or your online account.

Save as
you spend

You can earn up to 10% cashback when you spend with our Retail Partners, but you’ll also earn 1%* everywhere else with the card. It’s that easy.

See your
savings add up

We’ll take your total cashback amount directly off your UW bill, so you can see how much you’ve saved every month.

The legal bit

*You can earn unlimited cashback from our participating retailers each month. Purchases from other retailers are eligible for cashback of 1% on spends up to £1,000 per month. Only customers not engaged in debt collection proceedings with UW – and with at least two of the following services active at the time of billing: landline, broadband, gas and electricity – are eligible to receive the 1% cashback.

Why choose the UW Cashback Card

Let your shopping pay for your utility bill. You heard that right. You can earn as much as 10% cashback on your everyday spending, which comes straight off of your UW bill.

And you can add additional cardholders for free – increasing your qualifying spend across the family and reducing your UW bill even further.

See which big brands you could be saving with

We’ve teamed up with high street favourites like Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Boots, H. Samuel and Argos to offer up to 10% in cashback when you use the UW Cashback Card with them.

Find out which brands we work with where your spending can help you save.

Cashback Card with UW


Who can get a UW Cashback Card?

The amazing savings you get through our UW Cashback Card is available to existing customers only. Want to join? You can find out how here.

How do I earn cashback?

Use your card at one of our many participating retailers and you can earn up to 10% cashback. You can find a complete list of which stores you can earn cashback at here.

You can also earn 1% for all spend on your card if you have at least two of the following services at the time of billing: broadband, gas, electricity or landline and are not engaged in debt collection proceedings with UW.

How does cashback pay for my UW bill?

We’ll add the total cashback amount you earned as a credit directly to your UW bill. You’ll be able to see exactly how much you’ve saved, month by month, with just your everyday shopping.

Can I have more than one cardholder?

Many of our customers have several cards to increase the opportunity to save on their utility bill. Just log into your online account to add additional cardholders.

Can I use the card for big purchases?

Absolutely! We want to make saving as easy as possible which is why we’ve chosen the list of selected high street retailers we have. Meaning you can earn cashback on any major DIY projects you planned for your home. Savings that definitely add up!

How do I get 1% cashback on all spend?

In order to receive the 1% cashback on all purchases you make on the card you have at least two of the following services at the time of billing: mobile, home insurance, broadband, gas, electricity or landline. And ensure that your account is in good standing and is not engaged in debt collection proceedings with UW.

Do FX charges count towards cashback?

We want you to enjoy your far-flung holidays, and they’ll be even better when you know you’re saving on your utility bills by using your Cashback Card abroad. UW will refund all foreign exchange fees you’re charged when using your Cashback Card straight back to your account. Meaning that lovely, sun soaked paella or parasailing trip can both save you money on your UW bill.

Where can I see how much I’ve earned?

You’ll find the amount of cashback that you’ve earned through your spending directly on your UW bill. It will show up as a credit, taking the total value directly off of your utility bill.

Who issues my Cashback Card?

The UW Cashback Card is issued by PSI-Pay Ltd pursuant to a license by Mastercard® International Incorporated. PSI-Pay Ltd is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (FCA register number 900011) for the issuing of electronic money. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

How is my money protected?

Our Cashback Card provider PSI-Pay Ltd is an authorised e-money institution. e-money is not subject to Financial Services Compensation Scheme protection in the way bank deposits are, but it is subject to "safeguarding" requirements. In the unlikely event of insolvency, this means there will be a pool of funds from which Cashback Card customers would be repaid (subject to certain deductions for associated insolvency costs).