Different ways a UW Partner can earn

differentwaytsapartnercanearn wesbite module1 upfrontincome

differentwaytsapartnercanearn wesbite module1 upfrontincome

1. Upfront income

Commission paid for signing people up as UW customers, as well as bonuses for achieving certain stretch targets.

differentwaytsapartnercanearn wesbite module1 risidualincome

differentwaytsapartnercanearn wesbite module1 risidualincome

2. Residual income 

An incremental percentage of your customers’ bills - and those customers your team has signed up - paid monthly for as long as they stay with UW.

differentwaytsapartnercanearn wesbite module7 rewards

differentwaytsapartnercanearn wesbite module7 rewards

3. Rewards

A variety of rewards and incentives, ranging from chocolates and champagne, to meals out, weekends away and holidays in the UK and abroad.

differentwaytsapartnercanearn wesbite module1 community support

differentwaytsapartnercanearn wesbite module1 community support

4. Support

Training and tools, as well as mentoring and personal development, plus events for the wider UW Partner community.

1. Upfront income

Partners earn a commission for every new customer they sign up to UW, provided they take at least one of either energy, broadband, mobile and/or insurance.

The more of those services a customer takes, the more the Partner earns.

The amount earned also varies depending on whether the property is a rental property or owner occupied.


Partners can earn bonuses for hitting certain stretch targets, for example:

Fast Start Bonus
If a new Partner introduces 6 customers and recruits 1 new Partner in their first 30 days, they’ll receive a £500 bonus on top of any upfront income.

2. Residual income

Partners can get paid an incremental percentage of their customers’ bills - and those customers their team has signed up - every month for as long as those customers stay with UW.

For example, if a Partner has signed up a customer who owns their own home, that Partner can get paid:
- 2.5% of the customer’s energy bill; and
- 4% of their broadband bill; and
- 4% of their home insurance bill

Residual income works a bit like a royalty payment, and is paid for work done by Partners and their teams in the past.

Meet Danielle, Sarah and Rhodri

“I think the beauty of being a UW Partner is you can work it around your life, to suit your goals. Part-time, full-time, anytime, it’s your choice.“

Teachers often excel with UW for a number of reasons, not least because of their ability to set goals and to motivate.

Danielle, Sarah and Rhodri have all stood at the head of a classroom - and still do. Their journeys have been made much smoother as a result of their professional background.

Click here to watch other UW Partners’ personal stories.


3. Rewards

Partners can earn a variety of rewards or qualify for incentives, in recognition of their activity and progress.

These are as much for helping more customers save, as they are for building a team and helping others become successful UW Partners.

And they range from boxes of chocolates and hampers at Christmas, to access to our electric bike and car programme, and retreats in the UK and abroad.

Different incentives are launched throughout the year and Partners qualify for them through meeting certain targets.

Support - Training & Tools


It’s not just the extra income or incentives that Partners get from UW - there’s also personal development benefits:

  • Industry training through our College of Excellence

  • Live mentoring from successful Partners on a variety of topics to help you on your UW journey

  • An online portal with everything you need to know, including marketing assets and videos

  • Presentations and tools to help you sign up new customers and Partners

  • A mobile app to help manage all things UW

  • And plenty more

Support - Community & Events 


From online meetings to stadium events, we get together across the country to encourage Partners to connect with and support one another.

There are informal get-togethers and pizza nights hosted all over the UK to help Partners connect and learn.

And regular online sessions to help with training, including interviews with top performing Partners.

Plus large-scale events attended by thousands of Partners who come to hear about future plans, celebrate successes and get inspired.