Priority Services Register

Get information about the special services available for elderly, long-term sick or disabled customers.

Peace of mind for you and your loved ones

At UW, we recognise the needs of our customers vary greatly. If you’re of pensionable age, long-term sick or are registered disabled, we can place you on our Priority Services Register.

This is a confidential register which contains details of any special needs you think we should know about. This helps us to ensure our staff and representatives are aware of any specific needs you may have when dealing with your energy supply or visiting your property. It also makes us aware of customers who can be severely affected by the loss of, or disruption to their gas or electricity supply. 

How to join our Priority Services Register

If you would like more information about the services in this guide, or would join our Priority Services Register, call our UK-based Member services team on 0333 777 0777 or send us a message

If you’re hearing impaired or have a speech impediment, contact us on 0333 003 564 using a text phone or minicom.

Our free support services

We have a range of free services available that may assist you if you are:

  • Disabled or suffering from chronic illness

  • Of pensionable age

  • Blind or partially sighted

  • Deaf or hearing impaired 

Password scheme 
This allows you to choose a password which is then used by any of our staff or representatives who visit your property, to install a smart meter for example. If you want to change your password at any time, just let us know. We will arrange for all the necessary people to know the new password in complete confidence.

Bill redirection
We can arrange for your bills to be sent to a neighbour, friend or relative or anyone else you choose to nominate if they agree to receive them on your behalf.

Meter reading
If neither you or anyone living with you is able to read your electricity or gas meters, you can request that we read your meter once every quarter and that we inform you of the reading. 

Meter repositioning 
If you have a prepayment meter and find it difficult to access the meter to safely top it up, we can arrange to move it to a more accessible location. 

Alternative format bills
If you find it difficult to read your bills and statements, we can arrange to provide them in Braille, large print or by audio format.

Special controls and adaptors
If you find it difficult to use a particular appliance, our Member services team can give you advice on specialist equipment that may assist you.

Gas safety check
A free annual check of all gas appliances and other gas fittings is available to qualifying Members. These safety checks are carried out by Gas Safe registered engineers who can also give you advice on the condition of your appliances and their continued safe use. If you would like more information please visit the help section of our website, or contact us through any of the methods listed at the start of this guide and we help you.

If you are successfully added to the register, we will share these details with other energy companies, such as our meter readers and engineers, and your energy networks. This means they can offer extra support if you need it, for example, if there’s a power cut. We will always follow privacy laws and your details will never be used for marketing purposes.

If anything about your situation changes, let us know and we’ll update your details. If at any point you don’t want to be on the Priority Services Register anymore, please let us know.

Keeping you supplied
If you’re on our Priority Services Register, we will ensure your details, including any safety passwords, are passed to both your gas transporter (who is responsible for the pipeline that brings gas to your property) and the local electricity distribution company (which is responsible for the cables that bring electricity into your home), so they are aware of your circumstances in case of an emergency or supply disruption that may affect you.

If your gas transporter or your local electricity distribution company has to turn off your supply to carry out essential work, they will then let you know at least two working days before work starts. While we do our best to ensure a continuous supply, please note that this cannot be guaranteed.

If your gas transporter needs to disconnect the gas supply to your property for safety reasons and you or someone living with you is on our Priority Services Register, your gas transporter will provide alternative heating and cooking facilities so far as is reasonably practical to do so. If electricity is crucial to you, it’s always a good idea to have standby arrangements. 

Energy efficiency advice 
We have a team of Energy Efficiency advisors who can be contacted on 0333 003 5647. They can give you specialist advice on the efficient use of gas and electricity, provide you with up to date information on energy efficiency measures and provide you with the contact details of the other organisations that deal with energy efficiency advice and measures. 

Our advisors can carry out a ‘home energy efficiency check’ by asking you a series of simple questions to gain an understanding of your property and how much energy you currently use. They will be able to give free advice on any aspect of efficiency measures and will then send you a detailed report of the measures you can take to save money on your energy bills.

Learn more about the Warm Home Discount scheme

The Warm Home Discount is a Government led scheme that offers financial support to households that need it the most. There are two sections to the scheme - the Core Group that helps Members of pensionable age; and the Broader group that helps Members that receive certain benefits. For full details of the Warm Home Discount Scheme, visit our dedicated page, or call Member services on 0333 777 0777.

Get independent advice

If you would like to receive free, independent, impartial and practical advice regarding your energy supply, contact the following organisations. 

Citizens Advice Bureau
Phone: 0808 223 1133
Text relay: 18001 0808

Age UK 
Phone: 0800 678 1602

Disabled Living Foundation 
Phone: 0300 999 0004
Email: [email protected]

Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)
Phone: 0303 123 9999
Email: [email protected]  

Action on Hearing Loss
Telephone: 0808 808 0123 
Textphone: 0808 808 9000 
SMS: 0780 0000 360
Email: [email protected]