How UW works for Partners

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UW Partners are our champions

Start with friends, family or colleagues and show them how UW can turn all their bills into one simple, affordable monthly amount.

Start earning
straight away

Step 1

Get trained in under a week

Do it in a day if you’re determined. You’ll get everything you need - professional marketing tools and support from an experienced Partner.

Step 2

Start switching, make money

Chat to friends in person, over the phone or online. You’ll make up to £400 when you help someone switch to UW.

On top of that, if you switch enough people, you’ll get a weekend break or a holiday of a lifetime thrown in.

Grow your business and
make long term earnings

Step 3

Introduce and train new UW Partners

Get some experience under your belt, then earn money by finding new Partners too. 

Step 4

Build a team of your own

The more customers and Partners you recruit, the more you’ll earn

It’s up to you how much time you spend being a UW Partner and how it fits in with your life.

Sound exciting?
Get in touch.

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Sign up 4 customers in your first month and make as much as £1,600

"At UW, it doesn’t matter if you’re 25, or 85, a man or a woman, you get paid the exact same."

Paige Woodward
UW Partner