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9 June 2022 - Utility Warehouse (UW), the UK’s only multiservice supplier, is offering a new one year Fixed Price Energy tariff for British consumers who are looking to lock in their utility costs ahead of further expected energy price rises this coming Autumn.

Fixed at £2,395 until June 30th 2023, based on Ofgem’s typical usage statistics.* The New Green Fixed Tariff gives consumers the best, open-market fixed energy price for sale in the UK when they switch two of the three following additional services - mobile, broadband or insurance. With the expected £400 government universal rebate, this means customers' annual energy bill could be less than £2,000.

Moneysavingexpert has calculated that any fixed tariff less than 35-40% more than the current price cap could lead to savings over the next year, highlighting Ovo Energy’s Better Smart tariff, which is 38% above the current price cap.

UW’s new fixed tariff is just 22% above the current price cap, as long as customers switch two or more additional services to the multiservice supplier. 

Average % over current price cap
Ovo Energy 1 year open-market fix: Better Smart 25 May 2022
38% more. Early exit fee: £60 dual fuel
Utility Warehouse 1 year open-market fix: New Green Fixed 29
22% more as long as customers take two additional services. Early exit fee: £50 dual fuel

Even with the cost of two of UW’s services (mobile, broadband or insurance) factored in, UW’s bundle starts at just 39% above the current cap, which is equivalent to getting your bundled broadband, mobile or insurance at close to zero cost compared to Ovo’s energy-only tariff**.

Andrew Lindsay, Co-CEO at Utility Warehouse said, “If you’re in a position to switch more than just your energy, then UW’s bundle offers by far the best value on the market right now and the best way to save on your energy bills until June 2023.”

“For months, consumers have been told not to switch their energy and stay put with their current suppliers. Throughout this time, we’ve always been open for business, offering customers a genuine alternative to other suppliers, and we’re now able to offer the best fixed tariff on the market.” 

“Each of our services are priced incredibly competitively on their own, but it’s when they’re bundled together that customers can truly beat the price rises.”

UW customers can take advantage of some of the cheapest broadband and mobile deals on the market:

  • Broadband prices start at £21.60/month for new multiservice customers (includes 10% discount for taking broadband and mobile)

  • Mobile deals start at £12 a month for 5GB of data, unlimited texts and calls, and £18 for unlimited data

  • Boiler and home cover is an £18/month flat price for new customers and is 5* Defaqto rated. 

UW multiservice customers can also take out the UW Cashback Card, which offers up to 7% cashback on purchases at UW retail partners and customers who take out at least two services from UW also qualify for 1% cashback*** when they use the card at other retailers, with the money coming directly off their monthly utility bill.

The legal bit

*Prices and comparisons have been calculated based on typical household consumption of 2,900 kWh general domestic electricity and 12,000 kWh gas across all 14 regions and paying by Direct Debit.

**UW NewGreenFixed energy plus Value SIM plus Income Protector = £2,731 / 38.7% above current price cap.

***Full Cashback Card terms and conditions can be found on our website

For more information about our fixed tariffs, visit the UW homepage