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What is Full Fibre broadband?

Full Fibre is the next generation of home broadband technology. It delivers broadband via lightning-fast fibre optic cables all the way to your home.

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Why choose Full Fibre?

UK’s most reliable broadband technology

Get Full Fibre broadband to enjoy fewer drop-outs and more devices connected at once without slowdown.


Get ahead of the curve and enjoy a game-changing connection for your home. Find out more about Full Fibre broadband in my area.

Value without price hikes

Unlike other major broadband providers, we believe in sticking to our word - that’s why UW have no in-contract price hikes

Broadband that means business

Enjoy super-reliable video calls and fast file uploads for stress-free working.

Game-changing connection

Stream or download the latest games without the lag.


It’s not available to me, will it be?

More and more households across the UK are getting Full Fibre every day. With 40% of UK households already Full Fibre-ready, Openreach are working hard to hit their goal of 25 million households by 2026.

How do I switch to UW?

You can switch in a few clicks here.

I’m with UW, how do I get Full Fibre?

Get in touch with us here – we’re always happy to help.

How long does it take to install?

If you’ve not had Full Fibre at your property before, an engineer will need to visit. Installation will then take around three hours. If you already have Full Fibre at your property with another provider, we can switch you to UW remotely.

Why don’t all properties have Full Fibre?

In certain areas only Full Fibre is available. If Full Fibre isn’t available at a property just yet, existing copper-based connections such as Standard, Ultra and Ultra Plus are still available with UW. These same options will be available to anyone signing up for a new contract, switching or upgrading.

Will there be interruption during the switch?

No  – there won’t be any interruption to your service.

Is special equipment needed for Full Fibre?

If you've not had Full Fibre before then an engineer will need to install special equipment / a new modem.

Can I make landline calls with Full Fibre?

Full Fibre is a data-only product and doesn’t carry calls by itself. If you use an alarm or medical dialer that’s reliant on a phone line, it won’t work with this service, so you’ll have to keep your existing phone line.

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