Choose UW for mobile and enjoy the latest handsets, no in-contract price rises and Which? Recommended for Mobile Provider 2020 service.

You're in control

You can't spend more than the cost of your price plan unless you choose to add a top-up. It's the perfect replacement for expensive 'Pay-as-you-Go' tariffs.

No surprises

Unlike other suppliers, we won't increase your monthly cost during your contract. And we stop charging for your handset when you've paid for it.

Great flexibility

We've got tariffs starting at just £10. And if you find you're on the wrong price plan, you can switch at any time, even if you haven't finished your contract yet.

Even more ways to save

Get as much as £200 towards the costs of switching all your services from your old provider to UW.*

Enjoy as much as 7% cashback at 50 top retailers with our exclusive UW cashback card.**

Go green with free, energy-efficient LED light bulbs in your home, for as long as you're with us.***

The legal bit

*£200 to help you switch

The maximum credit of £200 is only available to customers who take out home phone, broadband and at least one mobile service which is live on their account on the date their claim is submitted and for 12 months after the credit is applied.

Please see our terms and conditions for further information and eligibility criteria.

**Cashback card
You can earn unlimited CashBack from our Retail Partners each month. Purchases from other retailers are eligible for CashBack on general spend of up to £1,000 per month. 1% CashBack at non-partner retailers is available for Visa issued cards only; the minimum of £120 CashBack each year assumes a monthly spend of at least £1,000 using the CashBack card for eligible transactions, guided by the average UK household spend recorded in the Office of National Statistics data for 2017. “The UK’s Best” claim is supported by a direct comparison with other CashBack cards on the market; for more detail see our website. Exclusions apply. Calculated based on Office of National Statistics data for 2017 average UK household spending, excluding housing and mortgage costs, with £650 monthly spend earning 3%-7% CashBack at qualifying UW Retail Partners and £1,000 monthly spend earning 1% Cashback at other retailers.

***Free light bulb replacement service.
a) This service is available to Gold and Double Gold customers who are either (i) an owner-occupier; or (ii) a tenant aged over 30 where we have installed a smart meter in their property. All the light bulbs in your home will be changed provided we have an LED equivalent, and your existing bulbs are safely and easily accessible. The typical value of £300 - £500 is based on 39 LED bulbs at an average retail price of £8 plus a £100 charge for fitting. Lifetime Guarantee only applies provided you have your landline, broadband and mobile services with us on the date you request a replacement; otherwise a three-year warranty applies. Other exclusions apply. 15% quoted saving based on a typical household using 2,900 kWh of electricity, where 39 traditional light bulbs are changed to LEDs, with an average reduction of 45W per light bulb (eg. from 50W to 5W) and where each LED light bulb is used for an average of 45 minutes per day. If we fit new LED light bulbs in your home and you cease to take any landline, broadband or mobile service from us within the following two years (which you were taking at any time after you requested our free light bulb replacement service), you'll need to pay a contribution towards the cost of the LED bulbs we provided; the size of this contribution varies between £2 - £8 per bulb, depending on how long your bulbs have been installed. This offer can be withdrawn at any time. Full T&Cs are on our website.


How do I switch to UW mobile?

Switching couldn't easier – we'll handle the entire process for you.

If you'd like to switch to UW and keep your existing mobile number, we'll need a Port Authorisation Code – known as a PAC for short. Don't worry, it's really easy to get a PAC – just text 'PAC' to 65075 for free.

If you'd like to switch to us and get a new number, we’ll need a Service Termination Authorisation Code – or STAC for short. That's also easy to get a STAC – just text 'STAC' to 75075 for free.

If you don’t have an existing mobile service, we’ll provide a new number. To start your switch click here.

Do I have to tell my current mobile provider I'm leaving?

That depends. If you provide a PAC or STAC code when ordering a new service we'll handle the entire process for you. If you order a new service without a PAC or STAC code you’ll need to inform your existing provider to close your account. To start your switch click here.

If I keep my existing mobile number will there be any downtime when I switch over?

On the day your service switches to us there may be a slight interruption to your service. This normally only lasts a few hours, but if you're without service for longer than this, please contact us.

What is UW mobile coverage like?

We provide 4G connectivity on the EE network, the UK’s biggest and fastest mobile network, so you can be sure of a great mobile experience. Check your coverage here.

Can I use my own mobile when I join UW?

Yes, as long as your handset is unlocked or is compatible with the EE network. If you do need a mobile, we offer a range of handsets to meet everyday needs. To start your switch click here.

How to insert my SIM

Watch the video here.

How to check my mobile usage

Watch the video here.