Unlimited data SIM only plans

Enjoy the best unlimited data deal in the UK with our Unlimited SIM for your mobile. Or choose our Value SIM for a low-cost, everyday plan.

Our two simple options

The UK’s best deal on Unlimited SIMs

It’s a bold claim but here’s why. After your first Unlimited SIM, you can get up to three extra SIMs for only £12 each. That’s the UK’s best deal on Unlimited SIMs and perfect for keeping everyone at home connected.

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The legal bit

The UK’s best deal on Unlimited SIMs and best unlimited data deal in the UK: Based on price, speed and reliability. Price: UK's cheapest unlimited SIM and cheapest unlimited multi-SIM package in the UK on a 30 day rolling contract (excluding introductory & promotional offers). Prices correct as of 18.08.2022. Speed & reliability: We use the EE network. EE was the winner in the overall (best) network performance category for both RootMetrics’ H2 2021 testing and for the past eight years in a row. Experiences & coverage may vary. Rootmetrics award is not an endorsement of EE or UW. Visit RootMetrics or ask us for more details uw.co.uk/help/contact-us.

Comparison table: Compared against the closest equivalent unlimited data tariffs as of 18.08.2022.

Unlimited SIM: Unlimited data, calls and texts every month when you use your SIM in a personal mobile device. First Unlimited SIM for just £18 per month, then get up to three additional Unlimited SIMs for £12 each. Rolling 30 day contract - subject to the Residential Fair Usage Policy. Terms & conditions apply.

Switching to UW is simple

Order your SIM

Already with UW? Click here to get an Unlimited SIM online, or call our team on 0333 777 0777. If you’re new to UW, you can join online.

Keep your number

If you’ve already got the perfect digits, you can keep your current phone number. Otherwise, we’ll give you a new number.

You're all set

Your new SIM will arrive in about 3-5 working days, and it’ll be ready to use in your phone from the moment you activate it.

Why choose UW for Mobile

Our mobile service is trusted by over 240,000 customers, who enjoy incredible value on one of the UK's leading networks.

Our network covers 99% of the UK’s population so we’re confident that will include you. You can use the checker here to see what coverage you get in your area.

Mobile with UW

Latest Mobile news

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Latest news icon sim

Our best ever mobile SIM deals

10 September 2021 - We’ve made some exciting changes to our Unlimited and Value mobile SIMs. You can now get your first Unlimited SIM at our lowest price ever, or switch to a Value SIM with 5GB for £12.

Latest news icon mobile 02

Latest news icon mobile 02

Introducing 4G and Wi-Fi Calling with Utility Warehouse

4 August 2021 - Our mobile customers will now experience even better call quality and coverage across the UK with the launch of 4G and Wi-Fi Calling.

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Latest news icon sim

Your chance to win £300

1 July 2021 - You could win £300 when you add or upgrade an Unlimited SIM – exclusively for existing UW customers.


Does unlimited data really mean unlimited?

Yep, it really does. Unlimited data means no data caps when you use your SIM in a mobile phone in the UK. Just keep in mind that our fair use policy does apply – and when roaming in Europe, your data is capped at 14GB each month.

How does a SIM only deal work?

A SIM only deal gives you data, minutes and texts for a monthly cost. The difference, however, is that you don't get a new phone – you get the SIM, and just the SIM.

Can I use my own phone when I join UW?

Of course. You can use our SIMs with any unlocked handset or, as we work with EE, any phone on the EE network too.

Can I get a new phone when I join UW?

Yes, we’ve got a great selection of phones as well. See our full range here. To get a new phone with your SIM, you’ll need to give us a call on 0333 777 0777.

Can I keep my phone number when I join UW?

Yep, simply contact your previous network provider or text 'PAC' to 65075 to get a code which will allow you to bring your current number over to your new SIM. This won’t disrupt your service either.

How do I add more Unlimited SIMs?

You can take up to three additional SIMs when you have an existing Unlimited plan. Log into your online account or the mobile app to add more SIMs yourself, or give us a call on 0333 777 0777 and we’ll help out.

What network does UW use?

We work with the EE Network to ensure broad coverage and signal strength across the country. You can check your coverage here.

Do UW support eSIMs?

We don't currently offer eSIMs, but are always looking for different ways we can support our customers so it is something we may look to offer in the future.